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The Gonzo Foundation is a non-profit organization created to promote literature, journalism and political activism through the legacy of Hunter S. Thompson. It was founded by his wife, Anita Thompson and is based at Owl Farm.

The Gonzo Foundation hosts political debates in conjunction with local Grassroots TV and after-school programs for area students. We contribute to University endowments to lighten the financial load of students going into the important profession of Journalism in a changing world. Although we are a small nonprofit, we are growing steadily with help from friends and those who loved the work of literature, journalism and the activism inspired by Hunter S. Thompson.

We look forward to your support and participation.


Feb 9th, 1968
To Oscar Acosta
From Hunter S. Thompson, Woody Creek
Dear Oscar...
My knee is ripped, my crotch is broken, I hurt all over and about two hours from now I have to go out to the fucking airport and wait around-- on standby -- for a crucial flight to Denver & NYC, and then to NY Hampshire for a week with Nixon.... oN a the Johnson-Nixon campaign... the only problem is that it has to come out before either party hold its convention... a hideous fantasy.
...Life here is a zoo of false and impossible promises. I have the Campaign book to deliver by Apr. 1 ... THE RUM DIARY by July 1... and the massive Joint Chiefs thing by July 1 of '69. So gone are the freaked and lazy days of 1967. this is the year of the monkey, which for me means work.
... In terms of your political action, I might be checking with you this summer about writing something about "Brown Power," or whatever term is stylish at that time... I no longer plan to work on random articles, but but my research on the Joint Chiefs book will take me into a lot of things I can write about and publish as side-effects of the book, and your gig may be one of them. We'll see... but in any case I'll probably by in L.A. this spring and looking for a shortdog or two.
..about the novel... If the idea of writing anything (book length) on the BP theme interests you, let me know and I'll try to interest somebody. Your problem there is that your club hand is dialogue, which used to mean fiction -- but if you can teach yourself to use dialogue to tell a topical , non fiction story you'll sell it. I guarantee that -- but only if you get that goddamn missionary instinct out of your narrative. Let the people tell their own stories; they may surprise you.
- Hunter
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